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(Please read carefully)
You've found the home of the best unknown radio station in Green River, . This radio station is a part 15 (and 47) FCC compliant station that, with the proper specifications/equipment, broadcasts anything and everything allowed within the FCC rules. This station does not believe in censorship, however some songs that have obvious and/or frequent swearing that does not further the meaning, will be censored as usual. We feel that we should not have to censor our music, but we understand we may have young persons listening. We only ask that you use discretion when listening.
If you have any complaints or if you find that we are interfering some how with a station on 101.9 or other frequency, let us know first!

MILOFM has its roots here in Green River. In the summer of 2006, we came to life. See the history section above for more fascinating information. is committed to providing services you would find in any other radio station, with a major difference, our play list is not satellite fed, all music is owned by us. We do not believe in breaking the law at this station, it is not our goal. We want to maintain a radio station that complies completely within the legal limits of the law. This station does NOT interfere with any other station on 101.9 FM, this according to Our range on an average radio is only a few blocks if that! We are only operating with 25mW, or what the FM-25B unit provides. This is done on purpose. Again, we are not attempting to break any law. There are some things per FCC rules that do not make sense. Unlicensed radio stations are allowed to broadcast, with certain requirements such as feedline limits and range limits. MILOFM has most certainly attempted to remain compliant to the rules, and, as we mentioned, does not interfere with any licensed broadcast station on 101.9. There are stations in this area that interfere worse than a measly part 15 station ever would... and the difference is, they have licenses. We also do not attempt to be like other pirate radio stations. We do not air questionable programming, etc.

The FCC's laws are confusing, this station according to direct interpretation, operates legally. Once again, we are not attempting to break any laws. This station's range is minimal to maintain compliance with current regulations regarded low power unlicensed radio stations. If you have a complaint about the station, let us know first. We can remedy the situation. Use the contact us button above.

MILOFM can be heard over the air during specific hours only. The stream is on 24/7.



All donations to MILOFM go to keeping the station on the air, with help to items such as our electrical bills and upkeep. If you seriously love this station, we'd seriously love to hear from you. Donate using the button above and you'll be helping keep us alive.



105 hours+ of pure music goodness of all sorts. Our collection grows constantly... See what we play: gay

Want to receive the station and don't know how? Try these tips below:
1) We're always heard best in a vehicle.
2) If your antenna can't see our transmitter, you probably can't receive our station well enough. FM relies on line of sight to work best.
3) If you want to receive the station with a normal radio, you must be within the red or blue colored regions on our coverage map below.
4) A good FM antenna can be used or an outdoor TV antenna.


If you can hear us, let us know. Email us Make sure you indicate the general area you are hearing us at. Also, if you have a question or complaint about the station, let us know first.

Click map to see larger version:
Red indicates a good signal which all radios should be able to receive.
Blue Indicates a good radio with a good antenna or a car radio.
Black indicates little to no signal present. You likely won't hear us in the black region, but strange things do happen.

WHY MILOFM is Currently LEGAL!

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations title 47 section 73.3542

Thanks to George Bush for declaring the "War Against Terrorism" and U.S. Code of Federal Regulations title 47 section 73.3542, it is now technically legal to operate a radio transmitter with out a formal license. *** does not guarantee reception of our station. We can not be held responsible if our station is not audible. We apologize to those of you who can't hear the station where you are or have problems receiving it, we are doing the best we can within the legal limits of the law. MILOFM is in no way affiliated with any licensed broadcast radio station.
is (C) Ubstudios Broadcasters LLC. All rights reserved, but then again, we don't make no stinkin' money. If you have questions, read our privacy policy.